Emmanuel College Acapocalypse


Who are we?

Acapocalypse is the premiere co-ed a capella group at Emmanuel College (Boston MA) We were founded in 2010, and have been taking the a capella world by storm ever since. We can be found here at Emmanuel, gigging around the Boston area, or even singing in our dorm showers! 

We are constantly looking for new groups to connect with so please don't hesitate to contact us for booking opportunities! 

The musicians who make up this group of musical goodness are:

Tyler Gravelle: Bass

Nick Lavorna: Bass

Phillipe Miranda: Tenor

Anna Kavanaugh: Alto

Brittany Pennellatore: Alto

Laura Ziter: Alto 

Justine McLaughlin: Alto 

Margaret Muraukus: Soprano

Caroline Lussier: Soprano

Michelene Dupuis: Soprano

AJ Marino: Vocal Percussion

Kiley Owen: Soprano 

Caleb Seaver: Bass 

Billy McKenna: Tenor 

Diana Galeano: Music Director